Olokanonda or Allamanda, Allamanda cathartica

Although Olokanonda or Allamanda (Allamanda cathartica, family: Apocynaceae) looks like a vine but it is clearly a shrub. The semi woody stem is slender. It's original home is Brazil. The flowering shrub's branches are narrow. Four leaves arise from each node.

Flowers bloom in plenty during the summer and it continues till the rainy season. Vivid yellow and funnel-shaped flowers are 5-lobed. The attractive flower, though scentless, is very favourite to the amateur gardeners throughout the tropical world. Leaves are lanceolate, tip acute, 7-11 cm long & 3-5 cm broad; midrib hairy. 

The beauty of color contrast!

Elegant flowers are very showy. Propagation of the beautiful shrub is caused by cuttings. The vine-like shrub can grow well under the open sun. If you expect more flowers from your plant then trim it after each bloom. 


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