Rose cactus, pereskia bleo

Rose cactus (pereskia bleo, famiy: cactaceae) is a bushy shrub or small tree from Cactus family with deep green foliage and spiny stems. Rose cactus is one of the most attractive flowers of the tropical world. The plant can reach a height of 3 m. It is native to Central America.

Common names: Rose cactus, Leaf cactus, Desert rose.

The fleshy and shiny leaves are elliptic-oblong or lanceolate, 16-20 cm long and 2-7 cm broad.

Flower has spreading petals, vivid orange in color, 4-6 cm in diameter. Numerous stamens surrounded the pistil at the center of the flower. 

 If snapped, its stem emits a kind of white sap.

The edible fruits are spherical. It turns yellow when ripe. 

In Bangladesh, it is planted in parks and gardens and road-islands as a decorative flowering plant.

It is propagated by cutting or grafting.

It is sometimes called the Cactus rose.