Hongsho lota, Calico flower, Aristolochia littoralis

Hongsho lota or Calico flower (Aristolochia littoralis, family: Aristolochiaceae) is an extensive climber with woody and slender stem. It can attain a height of 3-6 m. The plant is native to South America. 

Common names: Hongsho lota, Calico flower, Elegant Dutchman's pipe.

Flower is solitary, 6-8 cm across, violet inner side, hollow at the bottom, looking like swan. Insects are often trapped inside the pungent smelled flowers. The evergreen climber produces flowers from April-October.

 Leaves are green, heart-shaped, blunted at the end.

In Bangladesh, the vine is grown in gardens for its strange-looking flowers. It needs strong support for its proper growth.

Fruit is long with flat seed.

Its propagation is caused by seed.


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