Bishkatali, Pale persicaria, persicaria lapathifolia

Bishkatali or Pale persicaria (persicaria lapathifolia, family: polygonaceae) is an annual herb attaining a height of 1-2.5 m. The plant is found throughout the tropical world.

Common names: Bishkatali, Pale Persicaria.

Stem, leaf and inflorescence of persicaria orientalis are covered with dense hair. 

Leaves are green, glabrous, ovate-oblong, 7-18 cm and 5-8 cm wide, apex, acute, bottom part whitish, petiole 6-8 cm long.

Numerous small flowers grow on terminal inflorescence. 

The plant is propagated by seeds. 

It is a very common weed in Bangladesh. It mostly grows on lowland and on the edge of ponds and canals.

Leaves and roots are used to relieve physical pain.