Blue morning glory, Ipomoea nil

Blue morning glory (Ipomoea nil, famiy: Convolvulaceae) is a woody-based creeper from the genus ipomoea, easily climbing other support. Leaves are petioled, orbicular-cordate, alternate, usually entire but sometimes three-lobed, and grow to 3-5 inches long. This gorgeous Morning glory is native to tropical or subtropical area of the world and has been introduced widely. 

Common names: Blue morning glory, Ivy morning glory, Japanese morning glory.

Flowers are light or deep blue with pink shade, big funnel-shaped. Numerous flowers appear on the umbelet inflorescence. Blue gradually turns red.

Fruit is oval, containing 4-6 seeds. 

Flowers occur in the summer mainly.

Iipomoea nil is used in worm, leprosy and tuberculosis. Leaf juice is emollient. As an attractive ornamental plant it is very popular to the gardeners of Bangladesh. 


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