Amla-lota, Fox grape, Cayratia trifolia

Amal lota or Fox grape (Cayratia trifolia, family: Vitaceae) is a creeping herb with soft stem and many branches and has trifoliated leaves. The perennial climber is native to Indian subcontinent as well as several regions of Asia and Australia. It grows here and there in Bangladesh. 

Common names : Omallat, Omol-lota (Bangla), Fox grape, Bush grape, Three-leaved wild vine.

Leaves are trifoliate, 4-10 cm long with 2-3 cm long petiole. Leaf edges are serrated.

Flowers are white, small, borne on cyme inflorescence. Flower blooms in summer and rainy season.

Fruits are juicy, blackish when ripe, nearly round, 1 cm in diameter.

The plant is propagated by seeds. New shoots may come out from old root also. 

Different parts of the plant is used in the treatment of snake bite and diabetes. Roots mixed with pepper are applied on tumor. Leaves and seeds also used to various medicines.


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