Koromcha, Karonta Fruit, carissa carandas

Koromcha or Karonta Fruit (carissa carandas, family: apocynaceae) is a hardy medium-sized bushy shrub, attaining a height of 2-3 m. This drought-tolerant flowering shrub is native to Indian subcontinent and adjacent areas. 

Common names : Koromcha, Karonta Fruit, Crane berry.

Fruits are commonly used as pickles in Bangladesh. The fruits are eaten raw with salt.

As a homestead plant the thorny shrub is planted for its attractive looking and extremely sour fruits.

The fruit contains a lot of Vitamin C. It is used in bilious trouble. It is expectorant and useful in fever, cold, worm and tastelessness.

Flowers are showy, white and bloom in spring (March-April). Fruit is berry, green when raw and red when ripe. It ripens in the summer. 

Leaves are green, ovate-oblong, thin, glabrous. Branches have thorns in pairs. 

Rainy season is the planting time. Propagation of the plant is caused by seeds. Plants raised from seed start bearing two years after planting. The roots of the plant are heavily branched.