Kath-badam, Bengal almond, Terminalia catappa

Kaat-badam or Bengal almond (Terminalia catappa, family: Combretaceae) is a large deciduous tree with spreading horizontal branches. It is found in the tropical Asia, Africa and Australia.

Common names: Katbadam, Deshi badam, Bengal almond, Indian almond, Tropical almond.

During winter the beautiful green leaves of terminalia catappa turn to red.

Leaves are simple, 15-25 cm long and 8-15 cm wide, obcordate, alternate or whorled. 

Flowers appear in the summer.

Flowers are small, grey white, clustered on axillary or terminal spike. Flowers on the upper part of the inflorescence are male and those are on the lower part are bisexual. 

Fruit is elliptical, 4-6 cm long, red when ripe. 

 The tree with nice canopy is planted in avenues and gardens as ornamental tree in Bangladesh.

Propagation of the plant is caused by seeds.


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