Kakrol, Spiny gourd, Momordica dioica

Kakrol or Spiny gourd (Momordica dioica, family: Cucurbitaceae) is a perennial, dioecious, climbing creeper, originated from Indo-Malayan region and gradually found in East Asia, Polynesia, tropical Africa and South America.

Common names: Kakrol, Spiny gourd, Teasel gourd, Bristly Balsam Pear, prickly carolaho.

The yellowish and oval-shaped fruits have soft prickle. Seeds are egg-shaped, emarginate.

Leaves are petioled, 4-8 cm long and 3-6 cm wide, broadly ovate, base cordate, margin denticulate, apex acute.

Flowers are single, axillary, whitish, yellow at the centre. Momordica dioica is used as a vegetable in Bangladesh, India, as well as South Asian countries. The climber has tuberous roots and simple tendrils.

It is used in the treatment of hypertension, diabetes and  to relieve pain.


  1. i've bought a green fruit!
    can i propagate it by it's seeds or its' going to be imature?

  2. Thanks nikos for your comment. As far as i know, propagation is possible by mature fruit-seeds.

  3. Where can I get seeds for this plant? Will someone ship it to USA if I payed for it?

  4. Thanx for ur comment... that will be very tough!


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