Dholkolmi, Pink morning glory, ipomoea carnea

Dholkolmi or Pink morning glory (ipomoea carnea, family: convolvulaceae) is a water-friendly sub-erect shrub from Morning glory family with profuse branches. Ipomoea carnea is originated in tropical America but widely naturalized in Indian subcontinent as well as Southeast Asia.

Common names: Dholkolmi, Pink morning glory, Bush morning glory.

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It is an iconic plant in rural Bangladesh. It grows abundantly on the bank of river, pond and other water bodies

Flowers are light violet, showy, funnel-shaped. A fully open flower-head can reach about 7-9 cm long and 8-12 cm wide. 

Leaves are heart-shaped and narrowed towards apex, glabrous. 

Fruit is round, hairy, seed black. Propagation of the plant is caused by cuttings.

The burst fruit.

To prevent soil erosion the erect shrub is planted on the bank of rivers and other water bodies. 

Sometimes people use this as hedge plant. It is also demanded as firewood.


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