Harjora lota, Veld grape, Cissus quadrangularis

Harjora lota or Veld grape (Cissus quadrangularis, family: Vitaceae) is a deciduous climber with smooth, stout, succulent, quadrangular stems. It has simple tendrils, born opposed to leaf. The stem of the plant has great repute in the treatment of bone fracture. That's why it has been named 'Harjora lota' or 'Harbhanga lota' in Bangla. 

Other local names: Harenga, Kumor-lota

It is native to Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka. The perennial climber is also found in Africa, Arabia, and Southeast Asia. It has been introduced to Americas.

The large branched climber's leaves are simple, 3-6 cm long and 2-7 cm wide, fleshy, cordate, 3-5 lobed, toothed, acute to obtuse at apex, petioled, glabrous on both surfaces., opposite.

Inflorescence umbellate cymes, glabrous. Flowers are reddish, corolla lobes 4. Fruit is a berry, globose, red when ripe. 

An extract is used as a cure for scurvy and irregular menstruation, and in ear and nose complaints. The stem has great repute in the treatment of bone fracture. Green tender-stem is eaten as vegetable. 


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