Ghora-neem, China berry tree, Melia azedarach

Ghora-neem or China berry tree (Melia azedarach, family: Meliaceae) is a medium-sized deciduous tree from the family of Neem (azadirachta indica). New shoots come out from mutilated bare trunk. This blackish barked tree is native to South and Southeast Asia and Australia. This short-living but fast growing tree abounds in Bangladesh, especially in the northern region. 

Common names: Ghora-neem, Bokain, Moha-neem, China berry tree, White cedar, Cape lilac, Persian lilac

Flowers are small and lilac in color. Plethora of flowers bloom on axillary inflorescence. The number of sepals and petals in a flower is 5. 

Fruit a drupe, globose, dry fruits are brown in color. Propagation of plant is caused by seeds.

Leaves are dark green, compound, ovate-lanceolate and serrate. Flowers are fragrant and bloom in the summer in Bangladesh.

It is a good herbal plant. Branch, leaf and bark are used as medicine to relieve tooth and gum pain. These are also useful for eye and ear diseases, face spots and leprosy. Bark-soaked water kills worm in human body. Rubbing smashed flower on head is effective in removing headache. Seed oil is good for brain. Timber of this tree is robust and is not attacked by termite and other insects.


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