Bhat, Hill glory bower, clerodendrum viscosum

Bhat, Hill glory bower (clerodendrum viscosum, family: verbenaceae) is an annual shrub attaining a height of 2-4  metre. It is found in the tropical and sub-tropical regions of the world particularly in Bangladesh & India.

Hill Glory Bower flowers are white, scented, borne on terminal panicle. It is a flower of spring.

Leaves are dark green, petioled, ovate-lanceolate, 5-10 cm long & 2.5 -7 cm. wide, alternate. Sepals 5, light green, petals 5. Lower parts of petals are brushed with red color. Stamens are much longer than petals. 

Common names: Bhat, Ghetu, Bhatphul, Hill glory bower.

It grows on fallow land as weed everywhere in Bangladesh.

The plant is used in malaria, chronic fever, skin disease, pain, insect bite. In worm & louse infection it is also used.

Fruit is a drupe, purplish blue, 1.5-2.5 cm in diameter.