Bon-jam or Kak-jam, Syzygium fruticosum

Bon-jam or Kak-jam (Syzygium fruticosum, family: Myrtaceae) is a small or medium-sized tree with short trunk and glabrous all of its parts, attaining a height of 10 m. Bark is greyish brown. The tree looks a lot like Black plum, Syzygium cumini but is small in size. The plant is native to Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, China and Thailand. It is found in village area, parks and gardens and forest margins in the country.

Other local name: Buti-jam 

Leaves are dark green with clear midrib and numerous lateral nerves, coriaceous, undulated, oblong-lanceolae, 6-12 cm long and 3-5 cm wide, apex acuminated, base rounded, petioled, opposite.

Flowers are in cluster on cyme inflorescence, up to 8 cm long. Flowers are white, stamens numerous, tiny, sessile. 

Fruit is a edible berry, globose, ellipsoid, 5-9 mm long. These are deep purple when ripe. Flowering occurs in summer (Apr-May). Fruit ripens in rainy season. The plant is propagated by seeds.

Its fruits are frequently consume by village children. Wood is used as fuel, leaves are as fodder. The leafy and fruitful small tree can be planted in gardens for welcoming different kinds of birds. 

 Synonym: Eugenia fruticosa


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  2. I'm confused
    Syzygium fruticosum DC.
    This name is a synonym of Syzygium cumini
    Eugenia fruticosa (DC.) Roxb.
    This name is a synonym of Syzygium cumini


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