Shagor nishinda or Simpleleaf chastetree. Vitex trifolia

Shagor nishinda or Simpleleaf chastetree (Vitex trifolia, family: Lamiceae) is a shrub or small-sized tree with profuse branches. The plant get a height up to 4 m. Stem of the deciduous plant is stout. Young shoots are reddish and pubescent. 

It is found mainly in the islands and coastal regions of Cox's Bazar and Teknaf in Bangladesh. It is also found in the coasts of East Africa and South Asia. The plant is very similar to Nishinda (Vitex negundo).

Photographed in Chera-dip, Saint Martin's Islands

Leaves are scented. These are usually trifoliate but sometimes single; ovate-oblong; 2.5-7 cm long, sessile; upperside green and glabrous, lowerside whitish and hairy. Terminal leaf is larger than others.

Flowers are small, terminal, tomentose, purplish blue; sepals 5, petals 5. Flowering occurs throughout the year.

Fruit is round, 1.5-2 cm in diameter. It get blackish or deep purple when ripen. Seeds number 4.

The plant is propagated by seeds. It's Sanskrit name is Jalanirgundi. Leaves are used in pain, itching, scabies and menstrual disorder. Dry fruits are used in various kinds of diseases.


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