Hogla or Southern cattail, Typha domingensis

Hogla or Southern cattail (Typha domingensis, family: Typhaceae) is a aquatic tall grass growing in cluster, attaining a height of 3 m. Stem is simple or terete. The perennial plant is found mostly in Sundarbans, as well as the southern districts in Bangladesh. There they can be seen standing in the water.

Other names: Chel-pata, Kaam, Tara.

It is also found in riverside area, on the edge of cannals and other water bodies of the country. It is also found in India, Northern Africa and Southern Europe. 

Leaves are beautiful, long, semicylindric, clustered at athe base. 

Flowers are small, whitish brown, borne on spikelet inflorescence. Male and female flowers grow on separate inflorescence. Flowers bloom in summer.

Fruits are long, chocolate-colored. When they mature, become divided. The plant is propagated by seeds and gland tubers.

The plant is an economic crop. Mat, fence and roof thach are made of it. It is also used to cover pile of fishes in box which keeps them fresh. Its roots can hold the soil. So it can be planted in waterside areas. Being a spectacular grass it can be kept in your aquatic gardens. 


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