Nolkhagra or Giant cane, Arundo donax

Nolkhagra or  Giant cane (Arundo donax, family: Gramineae) is a perennial tall grass attaining a height of 2-4 m. Stem is with nodes and leaf arises from each node. The plant is found along with Kaash, beside river, canal, bell-jheel, pond and dich in Bangladesh.

Leaves are large, about 20-35 cm long, narrow, deep green in color. Flowers are creamy white, small and clustered, which are largely divided. Flowering occurs in rainy season. The plant is propagated by seeds and rhizome.

Leaves are used as food for livestock. A kind of mat is made from the leaves too. The stem is used for fencing. Ancient Romans were used its stem as pen. The plant is a perfect sanctuary of fish, birds and snakes.

It is a plant of herbal quality. It is antiseptic, antineuralgic, diuretic and depurative. It is used to treat bone breaking and breathing problems. In heavy dose it is toxic and narcotic.

The water-friendly tall grass is beautiful to look at. It can be planted in lakes and the water-area of parks and gardens. It is found in North Africa and South Asia too.


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