Karipata or Curry tree, Murraya koenigii

Karipata or Curry tree  (Murraya koenigii, family: Rutaceae) is a shrub-like small tree with canopy. Bark is grey. The strong odorous tree can be seen to be 10-15 feet high. It is found everywhere in the Indian subcontinent.

Other names : Curry pata, Choto Kamini, Mitha Neem, Shurovi Neem, Borshunga.

Toothed and alternate leaves are compound. Leaflets 11-25 in one foot long rachis, ovate-lanceolate, 2.5-4 cm long. Flowers are white, scented, clustered on terminal cyme; Petal 5, stamens 5.

Aromatic  oil is made from its leaves. It is stimulant, energizing. Flower and root are used in blood dysentery, nausea and fever. It is originated in India and Myanmar. Wood is used to make agricultural equipments.

Fruit is oval. Immature one is green, ripe one purplish black.

It is a beautiful leafy tree. Strongly scented leaves are cooked with fish to give a flavour to curry. In Bangladesh the woody tree is usually planted in gardens. If regular pruning it can be quite lovely. 


  1. Hello ,Mr.Ali can you please tell me location of this tree?. I need a 3-4 year old tree and a mature tree ! Coz ,I need to know the chamical component of both aged trees.. u r going to help me..

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    2. I snaped these from Ramna Park & Eskaton Road.

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    1. Yes, I snaped these from Ramna Park & Eskaton Road.

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