Bishkatali or Pale persicaria, Persicaria lapathifolia

Bishkatali or Pale persicaria (Persicaria lapathifolia, family: Polygonaceae) is an annual herb attaining a height of 1-2.5 m. The plant is found throughout the tropical world. It is a very common weed in Bangladesh. It mostly grows on lowland and on the edge of ponds and canals.

Common names: Bishkatali, Pale Persicaria.

Leaves are green, glabrous, ovate-oblong, 7-18 cm and 5-8 cm wide, apex, acute, bottom part whitish, petiole 6-8 cm long. Stem, leaf and inflorescence of persicaria orientalis are covered with dense hair. 

Numerous small flowers grow on terminal inflorescence. The plant is propagated by seeds. Leaves and roots are used to relieve physical pain. 


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