Nunia, Common purslane, Portulaca oleracea

Nunia or Common purslane (Portulaca oleracea, family: Portulacaceae) is an annual herb with soft branches, attaining a height of 25-40 cm. Its stem is purplish, smooth. The succulent is found in different parts of North Africa, Middle East, South and Southeast Asia to Australasia.    

Common names: Common purslane, Pigweed, Little hogweed, Redroot, Moss rose.

Alternate leaves are green, thick, small, oval, narrow at the petiole.

Flowering occurs mainly in the summer and rainy season. Yellow flower blooms early in the morning; petals 4-5. Flowers are up to 6 mm wide.

It grows as weed in fallow land, roadside and the margin of the crop field in Bangladesh.

Seeds are formed in a tiny pod, which opens when the seeds are mature. Propagation is caused by seeds.

It is emollient and stomachic. Leaves are eaten as vegetables. 


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